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We have been successfully delivering build projects since 1999.

Hi! Welcome to Neil Matthews and Son. We are your friendly neighborhood construction company based in the North West of the UK (Bolton). We began our journey in 2001 with a vision to establish a distinguished constructions brand based on the values of workmanship, steadfastness, customer satisfaction and innovation. Every team member at Neil Matthews and Son is a born and bred Britisher and has been handpicked by the founder himself with a pledge to achieve the heights of architectural brilliance and service excellence.

Neil Mathews and Son foremost ambition is to make home construction, general building renovations and maintenance a hassle-free experience for domestic consumers by offering them 360° solutions. From renovations to home extensions to newbuilds and everything in between – we do it all.

We are firm believers in the concept, “YOUR WORK SPEAKS FOR ITSELF”, and that is the reason why we always welcome our prospective clients to have a look at our portfolio and references from our previous customers prior we get along with each other so that you are completely confident that we are the right company for you.

Today, after 20 years of operating experience and the brand now in the hands of third generation heirs, Neil Matthews and Son stands at the precipice of a new horizon with a renewed commitment to achieve every milestone in architectural landscape. Above all, we never forget to thank hundreds of our happy customers who more than anyone else have been a constant source of our guiding passion.