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Composite Decking and Fencing – Consult with Decking Specialists

Composite decking is a wonderful alternative to traditional wooden fencing. Timber fencing may lose its charm to rot and fungal growth because wood absorbs more water. Timber fences also have another major drawback; they come with splinters and slipperiness and are unsafe for children and pets. In comparison, composite decking is low maintenance, durable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Composite Deck Boards

Composite decks are made up of recycled or reclaimed material such as wood fibers, pulp, scraps and plastics but they look and feel just like wood. This makes them a more sustainable alternative to wood.

Since composite decking boards absorb less water, they are more durable. Composite deck boards also resist rots, stains and fungus. Usually, the material used to make composite decks is also insect-proof and less slippery. Your children and pets are safer with composite decking and handrails around.

In UK, composite decking boards are available in a wide range of textures, styles and colors so there is a wide range of options to pick from.

Composite Fencing

Traditional wooden fences begin leaning after some time. They also fall prey to cracks, warps and fungi. Composite fencing, like composite decks, is made up of recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood fiber so it is more durable. Immune to decomposition and rot, composite fences are safer, more sustainable and low maintenance.

Composite fences come in rich and natural colours so they blend in well with the surroundings. Tasteful fences can make your outdoor space truly exquisite. Compositing fencing also comes in a wide range of styles so you can easily customise your space according to your aesthetic preferences.

Composite Decking and Fencing Specialists in UK

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